Tool Box [BSTB]

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  • Beekeeper's Tool Box [BSTB]
  • Realistic Bee Beekeeper's Tool Box
  • Vine w/Bee Beekeeper's Tool Box
  • Beekeeper's Tool Box [BSTB]
  • Beekeeper's Tool Box [BSTB]
  • Beekeeper's Tool Box [BSTB]


This galvanized metal toolbox is truly one of a kind, designed just for beekeepers. It features a wooden handle in the center, allowing you to carry it one-handed; or metal loop handles on each end. There are 3 compartments designed and sized specifically for anything you may need in the beeyard. The two smaller compartments (10.5 x 5.5 x 8") are perfectly suited to hold your smoker in one and fuel in the other. The length of the box itself makes it great for carrying even large awkward tools like our white frame perch. The box measures approximately 22"L x 11"W x 8"H. The wooden handle is available in 3 designs. 

*Smoker and burlap are not included.*

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