About Us

About Us


Beekeeping supply company owners, Jamie and Mel Morehead, began beekeeping in 2004 in the green suburbs of Northeast Ohio in Hiram. As one of the main points of contact for the business, Mel herself has years of first hand experience with beekeeping. In the past, Mel has even used honeybee beeswax to produce her very own line of soap and lip balm. Jamie excels on the business development end through financial operations and marketing. Jamie explained to us that they "...began beekeeping as a way to have a small agricultural business that did not take as much time as having chickens or goats." The two maintain their own apiary of their own. Their years of experience as both a business and hobbyists truly showcase their dedication to their customers and the industry.


Blue Sky Bee Supply has been in business since 2006. Since then, the beekeeping supplier has grown rapidly, based on their wide selection of beekeeping supplies, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service.


Our Mission

Blue Sky Bee Supply, LTD strives to manufacture and offer the best bee supplies in the industry at a competitive price.

We look forward to serving you from our 25,000 square foot distribution facility local to Ravenna, Ohio. We maintain a showroom for both customers and those stopping through!

ur Philosophy