Deluxe Hobby Uncapping Bin [HUB]

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  • Deluxe Hobby Uncapping Bin [HUB]
  • Deluxe Hobby Uncapping Bin [HUB]


This new uncapping bin has a stainless steel insert, which allows a frame to be comfortably held in place while you uncap and small holes allow honey to drip below.  Frames and cappings are held in the pan, while honey is loosely filtered below and can then be dispensed through the included honey gate.  A great way to process those frames, without all the mess!

The dimensions of just the plastic bin are 24"x17"x10" and the metal frame rest that sits on top adds another approximate 10".

Included with the Deluxe Uncapping Bin is:

  • Food Grade plastic bin with honey gate
  • Perforated stainless insert with frame rest
  • Uncapping holding/drip tray with racks to hold frames before/after uncapping



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