Api-Bioxal Oxalic Acid

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This package of Api-Bioxal is an oxalic acid Varroa destructor mite treatment developed specifically for honey bees. It is registered by the EPA under a label developed by the USDA.

Api-Bioxal can be applied either via the dribble or vaporization/sublimation method. You can also spray package bees following the instructions on the Api-Bioxal label.

The 35g package can treat 20 colonies using the dribble method and 35 colonies using the vaporization/sublimation method.

The 350g package can treat 200 colonies using the dribble method and 350 colonies using the vaporization/sublimation method.

Instructions for the dribbling method:

  • Dissolve oxalic acid in hot water, then add sugar. (See recipe chart below)
  • Dribble 5ml of the syrup/oxalic solution onto the bees in each occupied bee space with a syringe or an applicator.
  • Maximum dose: 50ml per colony.


How many hives? Oxalic Acid (g) Hot water (g. or fl. oz.) Sugar (g. or cups)
20 35 grams 600 g or 24 fl. oz. 600 g or 3 cups
10 17.5 grams 300 g. or 12 fl. oz. 300 g or 1.5 cups
5 8.75 grams 150 g. or 6 fl. oz. 150 g or 3/4 cup




Make the 5-hive recipe even if you only need to treat 1-2 hives. Discard any remaining solution by mixing with a large volume of water and pouring down the drain. 

See full instructions for dribble method here.

Instructions for the vaporization/sublimation method:

  • Seal the entrance and cracks of the hives with tape.
  • Use the vaporizer following the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Use only 1g of Api-Bioxal per hive.

Treating against varroa is necessary to keep honey bee colonies healthy and strong. However, treatment is not recommended unless you know that your varroa mite count is in excess of the treatment threshold.

Quick facts and tips about Api-Bioxal:

  • Oxalic acid works best on colonies with little to no brood.
  • Always wear a protective mask, gloves, glasses, and long sleeves when mixing and applying oxalic acid.
  • Do not perform multiple treatments on each generation of summer or winter bees.
  • Treat all colonies in the apiary at the same time to avoid reinfestation.

Warning: Use protective mask, gloves, and glasses, and long sleeves when mixing and applying oxalic acid.

Api-Bioxal has a 5-year shelf life.




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