8 Frame Sundance Bottom Pollen Trap [SD-BOT-8]

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Now we have 8-frame versions of the best on the market, Sundance pollen traps.  Now available as a bottom OR top mount, these traps will allow you to gather high-quality pollen with ease! 

The Sundance pollen traps are by far, the best designed pollen traps on the market. Their ease of use make them the best choice for collecting clean, fresh pollen for human consumption or to mix with your own protein patties. Bees pass through a series of mesh screens which will dislodge the pollen from the baskets. Includes drone escapes. When you are ready to discontinue collection, simply flip the door and bees enter as normal. Complete instructions included. Fresh pollen often sells for a generous profit in health food stores -- your bees make it better.  

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