Wax Melter [SN-WM]

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This stainless steel double-walled wax melter is perfect for melting wax for making candles. This tank is for melting clean beeswax only. The tank will hold just over 3 gallons of molten wax. The water tank holds approximately 2.6 gallons. This unit uses double boiling to heat the wax, and will reach wax melting temperature in about 25 minutes. The heating device is 120 volts, and has an adjustable thermostat ranging from 0 to 110°C (32 to 230°F). Unit includes a ball valve for the evacuation of the molten wax into wax molds or candle molds. Outside dimensions: approx.12.75" x 15.75"H Inside dimensions: approx. 9.5" x 11.5"H 

Please be aware the thermostat reads Celcius NOT Fahrenheit. Made in Italy.

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Information about wax processing:

  • Pure beeswax melts at 144-149 F (62-64 C)
  • If beeswax is heated above 185 F (85 C) it will begin to darken (ie. burnt appearance)
  • The flashpoint (the point it catches fire) of pure beeswax is approximately 400 F (204.4 C)
  • Melted beeswax does not release explosive gases.

Beeswax should never be melted over direct heat as it may be exposed to temps above 400 F  (ie. in a single walled pan for example). However, melting in a double-walled melter (or double-boiler) prevents the wax from getting any hotter than the actual boiling point of the water itself (that’s 212 F which is much lower than the flashpoint of beeswax)

Regarding this wax melting unit:

  • The thermostat on this unit ranges from 0-110 C or 32-230 F. That means that this wax melter will not heat beeswax to the flashpoint (ie. the point of catching fire), but it will definitely melt the wax. And if the thermostat is set above 85 C (180 F), the wax will likely darken and discolor.
  • This wax melter has an open water introduction tube that should never be completely sealed. Sealing these tubes shut when the heating elements are engaged would cause pressure to build within the double-wall chamber that may cause a forceful rupture (or minor explosion?).
  • The thermostat on this unit are measured in Celsius (not Fahrenheit).



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