Ultimate Hive Cover [UHC-1 / UHC-8]

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  • Ultimate Hive Cover [UHC-1 / UHC-8]
  • Ultimate Hive Cover [UHC-1 / UHC-8]


Double wall construction with internal air space insulates hive to keep hive cooler in summer, warmer in winter. 

•Passive ventilation system improves airflow for more honey production. Reduces moisture for healthier bees.
•Internal risers provide passive ventilation for healthier bees and improved honey yield.
•Prevents robbing.
•Built-in drip edge keeps hive and hive components dry for longer life.
•Fits all wooden 10-frame equipment.
•Technopolymer construction will not rot, never needs painting, no assembly, ready to use.
•Clean, contemporary design looks great in any apiary or garden.
•Cover will support hive bodies when turned upside-down.
•Lightweight and easy to handle.  

*This item is not compatible with polystyrene equipment.*

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